James Brett
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    International Inspirational Speaker

    James Brett is a well renowned international inspirational speaker
    who continues to give key note speeches around the world sharing his life story,
    life experiences and gaining support for his organisation Plant for Peace.
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    Meet the man behind Plant for Peace


Keynote Speaker

"It is the diversity of life that makes us who we are and sets our boundaries. It is the level of pain we suffer and accept that breaks our boundaries down. For pain is the giver of freedom to self, the gift of which is a more diverse life". James Brett

Diversity of Speeches

The diversity of James Brett’s life experience is extreme to say the least.
James offers the opportunity for audiences to listen to his personal life story
as well as the following diverse range of topics.

Personal Life Story

Session 45 min, 15 min Q & A.

Often horrifying, at turns entertaining but always enlightening, James gives an honest and open account of his personal journey

Sexual Abuse & Power of Recovery

Session 40 min, 15 min Q & A.

The initial effects of a victim and the giveaway signs a victim may show, the effects on family and friends, the power of disclosure and the importance of how others react to it, recovery and its hidden power

Brand Building

Session 40 min, 15 min Q & A.

The perfect brand cake, what it takes, creating the pull effect, the power of brand good

Mental Health

Session 30 min, 15 min Q & A.

Scale of the problem, the detrimental attitude of prevention not cure, living with oneself, perception of the unseen, the journey of the unwell, coming back to the light


Session 40 min, 15 min Q & A.

The reasons, the emptiness, self-worth, scale of the problem, the answer, the affects, the new nonuser, acceptance


Session 30 min, 15 min Q & A.

The importance of, where we take it from, the results and refuelling those results


Session 30 min, 15 min Q & A.

Losing a loved one to suicide, self-blame and the affects, helplessness of the victim, the power of understanding, coping through the ongoing relationship with the victim, the fulfilment


Session 35 min, 15 min Q & A.

The attraction to some, the power of relationships, imprisonment for the sexually abused, the fulfilment, how to break the cycle, the power of care, the change within


Session 30 min, 15 min Q & A.

The importance of being needed, the power of purpose, the fulfilment of achievement, aim and its empowering attributes

About James.

James is the Founder of Plant for Peace, a global initiative aimed at bringing sustainable stability to countries crippled by conflict by the creation of horticultural cooperatives. It’s a remarkable initiative currently focused on Afghanistan, where James has singlehandedly hosted 7 tribal Elder gatherings addressing approximately 55,000 Elders convincing the entire farming community of Afghanistan to join Plant for Peace as a positive alternative livelihood subject to necessary support.

But if James had never set foot in Afghanistan, had never toured this troubled country without a bodyguard, badge or gun his achievements would still be mind-boggling, because his life story is truly astonishing.

It’s a story which includes child abuse by his grandfather, the early tragic death of his mother, his subsequent decline into drug addiction, homelessness, prison, betrayal, violence and mental illness. Ultimately it’s a breath-taking story of recovery, hope, humility and remarkable vision supported by a cast of farmers, academics, multinational food companies, government officials, philanthropists, celebrities, military leaders, royal families and the entire nation of Afghanistan.


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